Innovative, Efficient, Healthy Solutions For The Most Challenging Environments

Facility Genius is re-inventing the FM industry by helping companies of all sizes solve their most difficult facility management challenges.

We offer state-of-the-art, custom and semi-custom solutions that ensure healthy, safe environments for employees, visitors, and the surrounding community while maximizing the efficiency and transparency of your FM resources. Our solutions are designed to deliver transparency of operations through metrics-based results.

Facility Genius is not a full-service FM firm. We are a certified solutions expert staffed by industry, engineering, and technical personnel that will proactively and responsibly improve your company’s efficiencies, environment and facility management processes. Facility Genius was founded in 2018 by Jill Frey, an expert and a visionary with over 25 years of facility management leadership experience. Ms. Frey’s vision for Facility Genius is to be the technology integrator for facilities and to deliver “Evidence Based Cleaning” tools and results.


What Is Evidence Based Cleaning?

Evidence based cleaning is a method of cleaning that utilizes technology to track and analyze key data in order to substantiate and improve facility efficiencies.

In other words, evidence based cleaning shows what is being cleaned, by who, when, and for how long. Cleaners use sensors and documentation to create real-time reports on services. Managers then use this data to study trends in building maintenance and use, and to create actionable strategies to improve cleaner performance.

The benefits of this process are immediate and substantial: assured contract compliance, a higher level of connectivity, improved transparency, increased productivity, and so many more.

Our Values

Facility Genius fosters values that reduce workload and increase accuracy. Our values work together and build on one another to make buildings the best they can be.

Health & Safety

Using Facility Genius makes creating a clean, healthy environment that much easier. We believe that people deserve to feel good in their work space and that it will make them happier and more productive.

Productivity & Efficiency

Get more done in less time with Facility Genius. Our system streamlines the managing and maintenance processes, and is going to save users time, resources, and money.

Transparency & Metrics

We know that cleaning is a continuous process, and even a job well done isn’t going to stay that way. Having objective and accurate information ensures contract compliance and customer satisfaction.

Innovation & Connectivity

Open and direct communication is vital in any working relationship, and that’s exactly what Facility Genius offers. Managers, cleaners, clients, and facility are all connected with one another.

Revolutionizing Facility Management’s Future