Customized Nano-Air Filtration

Technologically advanced removal of biologic and chemical toxins within facilities

Facility Genius has developed a proprietary process to bring military-grade air filtration and purification to commercial environments. These products leverage self-decontaminating sorbents developed to safely capture and contain a wider range of toxic gases, chemicals and materials than traditional filters.

Proprietary Melt-Blown Nano-Fiber Mesh Filters

Current air purification materials rely on porous carbons with inherent limitations on capacity, target capture, and pressure drop. These deficiencies leave employees, customers, and other personnel exposed to a range of indoor air pollutants leading to significant health risks.

Facility Genius’ patented process allows custom design and production of filters that instantaneously render harmful particulates and toxins safe, thereby improving the hygiene and safety for any indoor environment. These filter options provide the first cost effective, antimicrobial, antitoxic products for industrial use. These filters are suitable for use across multiple commercial applications and environments.

Key Features

  • Proprietary copper/silver additives can be combined with self-decontaminating material (porphyrins and porous organosilica structure) for optimal antimicrobial properties.
  • Antimicrobial, Antitoxic, and anti-fungal.
  • Multiple possible material formats, including cotton mesh, sheets, and pleated sheets.
  • Resistance to temperatures of up to 150°C.
  • Excellent chemical stability.
  • Reusable with simple washing procedures.