Digital Facility Usage-To-Service Tracking

Integrated hardware and software driving dynamic, customized routing of services.

Facility Genius offers on-premise sensor technology built to meet each customer's specific needs. Each technology platform solves facility challenges through centralized, up-to-the-minute data tracking that provides the customer with "Evidence Based Cleaning" analysis, reporting, and accountability.

Custom and Semi-Custom Solutions

Every solution is built utilizing an innovative IoT platform linking usage and service sensors through proprietary software to connect all levels of facility operations with up-to-the-minute reporting leading to healthier, cleaner and more productive facilities.

User-Specific Benefits

Building Managers

Communicate more directly with their maintenance providers and be assured of contract compliance.

Facility Service Managers

Experience a higher level of control over day-to-day operations, and are able to strategically improve performance using data from detailed reports.

Cleaning Crews

Benefit from access materials that make them more effective and streamline their routes, tasks, and use of materials.

End Users

Those using the area that is now cleaner and well stocked who are themselves more hygienically clean and satisfied.

Sensor Network Example

Facility Genius has partnered with internationally-recognized hardware manufacturers to design, configure, and implement custom solutions. Our wireless systems use low-power sensors with batteries that last for years. We handle configuration and installation no matter if you have a few rooms or multiple facilities. Our sensors connect via a gateway that can utilize your existing network.


  • Track employee location, movements, and time spent
  • Create and complete task lists
  • Log finished rooms or damage/concerns with time-stamped photos
  • Track supply usage
  • Respond to comments/complaints
  • Complete quality reports
  • Monitor facility condition


  • Dynamic cleaning routes
  • Improve time management
  • Promote cleaner efficiency
  • Assure contract compliance
  • Get useful real-time data
  • Utilize resource usage
  • Bolster client-company communication
  • Go paperless

A Unified Dashboard

We build custom dashboards that don’t take hours to configure. Our sensors work to collect necessary data in the background without you ever having to worry about it. The data you need to see is delivered to you in a format you determine, whether it is via the dashboard, an email, or a text message. We eliminate the noise so you’re empowered with actionable insights.

With our dashboard, you can:

  • View the overall conditions of a facility, or multiple facilities, in one look.
  • See how your facilities are trending, with any problematic areas up front so issues can be addressed first.
  • Receive messages and alerts feed.
  • Receive trending statuses.
  • Offer transparency for the facilities’ staff and patrons.