On-The-Go Heavy-Duty Power

Efficient, safe, environmentally friendly battery solutions for industrial equipment

Facility Genius has partnered with power technology and industrial machinery experts to develop a revolutionary energy platform designed to power large equipment. This new power source is efficient and clean with significant improvements over current propane and battery power options.

Introducing Proprietary Liquid Battery Power

Current propane and (insert type) battery power solutions have significant challenges when utilized for facility maintenance. Liquid battery technology offers all of the benefits of other power solutions with improved efficiencies, increased health and safety, and easier maintenance.

Liquid Battery Benefits

  • High Power, High RPMs
  • No Cord
  • Long Runtimes
  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Less Noisy

Traditional Propane and Battery Comparison

Propane Cons
  • Facility Restrictions
  • Indoor Air Quality/Emissions
  • Noisy (high decibels)
  • Safety Issues Storing/Operating Tanks
Battery Cons
  • Long Charge Time
  • Less Power, Lower Runtimes
  • Incomplete Shifts